Care homes can be ranked based on various criteria; however, the most tangible one is the service quality and quantity you get for your money. Naturally, institutions that comply with all the relevant legal criteria but are lower priced can provide a convenient life as well, but just like in any field, here too, it is true that the more money they ask for, the better quality services the institutions offer in terms of therapy, entertainment and health care. Consequently, in the second third of our active life it is worth considering what quality care we would expect from a care home if we had to move into such an institution. There are self-care schemes where we can save money with the help of the state and we can pay the costs of moving into a care home with the money we collect, or spend it on something else if we decide not to move into a home after all. These schemes are transparent and simple products, you do not need to be worried about them or save a large amount of money every month if you start saving early enough. In return, you could even receive a care of hotel-like quality and choose among luxury institutions.