It is an important milestone when you start working and being independent.
However, from the first moment we have to save some of the money we earn for the future.
It is important to realise as early as possible that the day will come when we will not be able to get out of bed to go to work or we will not find employment due to our age.
Our expenses will grow when we become older; one only needs to think of the prices of medicinal products. Receiving care in a care home is subject to the payment of a one-off (moving in) fee and a monthly fee.
We should not rely on the state pension, because even today it is hardly enough to cover all our expenses. We should rather save money, because the more money we manage to save the higher quality care we will be able to “buy” and consequently live a quality life.
Before you buy the latest television, phone or car, it is worth considering whether you have done anything to maintain your quality of life when you are not able to work any longer.
Let us start saving as early as possible, because the more time we have, the less money we have to save monthly and in this way we can afford other things as well.
With a good strategy you can have a great standard of life at an age when you can spend most of your time with things you enjoy doing and live for your hobbies whether you live in a care home or in your own property.